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Written by Administrator
Monday, 02 December 2013
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December 10, 2013

Chinese Perspective

On December 36, the representatives of Mining Machines Company have visited China on the delegation of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and attended the II Ukrainian-Chinese Business Forum.

During the Forum they met several Chinese partner mining companies and representatives of an engineering holding and discussed cooperation opportunities.

Chinese market, which is currently transforming significantly, has a great potential for global companies that offer solutions for mining industry. There are several reasons for that. The first one is Chinas natural wealth: China ranks third in terms of proven coal reserves (114.5 Bt, twice the amount of coal-abundant Ukraine). The second one is Chinas global leadership in coal production (3.9 Bt annually, which accounts for 47% of global production, and growing). The third reason is the policy of the Chinas market regulator according to which all local coal producers are obliged to develop thin seams that were earlier considered non-commercial. In 2012, about 330 Mt of coal was produced from thin seams, and in future this number will be growing. The fourth reason is that Chinas governmental policy is focused on increasing the share of machine mining (now it is about 60 %). And last but not least, according to analysts the demand for coal as a substitute for oil and gas will grow in future. It is especially relevant for the countries that do not have other fuel resources except for coal. All the facts mentioned above confirm that the Chinese market will be quite attractive in the long term.

In addition to that, China is currently experiencing market consolidation. According to Chinas coal industry development plan, in 20122017 it is planned to establish 6 to 8 corporations with the production capacity of more than 100 Mt/year and 8 to 10 corporations with the capacity of over 50 Mt/year, which will account for more than 50% of coal production in China. This will lead to the closure of small coal producers with the capacity of less than 0.6 Mt/year. According to some estimates, about 5,000 mines will be closed out of 16,000 mines that are currently in operation.

In this situation, mine equipment producers should focus on adapting their products to Chinese mining geology, improving the quality, and reducing the price. Today is a perfect moment to enter and establish ourselves in the Chinese market as a provider of integrated solutions.

Ukraines commitment to constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation was expressed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in his address to the Chinese business community. Ukraine wants to establish cooperation with China in the mining industry as well.Our companies are ready to actively participate in the construction and upgrade of mines, and establish joint ventures for the production of highly-effective mining equipment in China, said the President.

Mining Machines Company confirms these words with practical actions. At the present moment, Mining Machines Company offers modern high-tech solutions for the development of thin layers, which are in demand both in domestic and neighbouring markets (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), and in European and Asian markets (Poland, Vietnam, India). According to the Chief Strategy Officer of Mining machines Ildar Saleyev, the companys medium-sized UKD 200-250/400 shearers and DM and DT powered roof supports can significantly increase the efficiency of thin coal seam development in China. We have become seasoned equipment producers by dealing with Ukrainian complicated mining geology for decades, and now we are ready to share our experience with all who needs it. I am certain that we will be able to become a reliable partner for Chinese manufacturers," he said.


November 21, 2013

Mining Machines enters the market of India

A meeting of Indian-Ukrainian intergovernmental commission took place on 12-14 November 2013 in New Delhi (India) and was devoted to trading, economic, technological and scientific cooperation. During this meeting, the participants declared the opening a representative office of scientific and production company Mining Machines in India in the next future.

Ukrainian intergovernmental commission that represented Mining Machines expressed their readiness to cooperation with regard to improving the mechanization of Indian mines in operation, and both constructing and equipping the new ones as well.

This business forum included several negotiations with Indian companies in terms of the equipment delivery to upgrade several mines, and up-to-date technologies represented for thin bed mining. Besides, education of Indian mining specialists on the basis of Ukrainian universities is scheduled to the next prospective.

Companys intentions on entering the market of India were supported by Igor Prasolov, Minister of economic development and trade. He declared this during his speech and when negotiations with Edapakatkh Ahamed, Minister of internal affairs of India.


The company Mining Machines is included into the largest financial and industrial group of Ukraine System Capital Management (SCM), and is one of the leading enterprises in global mining machinery manufacturing market.A representative office Mining Machines RUS operates in Russia.

The company focuses its activities on comprehensive services provided in engineering, production, delivery and servicing of the mining equipment.

Mining Machines is an expert in thin and extra-thin bed mining, has unique patented solutions (stable hole frontal complex), and possesses developments in mineral operations within complex mining and geological conditions.

The company Mining Machines includes 6 plants in Ukraine, repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, as well as trading companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Poland and Russia.

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